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A Researcher’s Guide to: Technology Demonstration

June 2022 Edition

By Ousmane Diallo, Ph.D., et. al.

The ISS Program aims to demonstrate technologies on the space station where they can be evaluated without significant risk to crew or vehicle in order to accelerate development and reduce risks for future exploration missions.

The ISS is the only long-duration platform available in the relevant space environment with an integrated space systems architecture that can be used to demonstrate advanced technologies and operations concepts. Working in close cooperation with the exploration community, the ISS Program is enabling technology and systems investigations in support of future exploration endeavors.

This booklet provides prospective technology and advanced system developers the information needed to aid in the formulation of demonstration concepts. The guide includes a description of the areas of focus for new technology demonstrations; ISS accommodations, characteristics and capabilities; and information on the getting payloads sponsored and funded.

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