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A Researcher’s Guide to: Fluid Physics

A Researcher's Guide to Fluid Physics cover

January 2020 Edition

By Dr. David F. Chao
Dr. Robert D. Green
Tyler Hatch
John B. McQuillen
Dr. William V. Meyer
Dr. Henry Nahra
Dr. Padetha Tin
Dr. Brian J. Motil

The need to better understand fluid behavior has created a vigorous, multidisciplinary research community whose ongoing vitality is marked by the continuous emergence of new fields in both basic and applied science. In particular, the low-gravity environment offers a unique opportunity for the study of fluid physics and transport phenomena. The nearly weightless conditions allow researchers to observe and control fluid phenomena in ways that are not possible on Earth.

In order to design for the human or robotic exploration of space and other planetary environments, it is necessary to understand how engineering and fluid systems perform in the near-weightless environment experienced during space travel or in the reduced-gravity environments found on the moon or Mars.

This Researcher’s Guide provides background on previous research, current facilities and supporting hardware on ISS. It also provides introductory information on payload development processes and potential funding options.

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