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Quesst: The Vehicle

NASA’s first purpose-built, supersonic X-plane in decades will soon take to the skies. A single pilot is to fly the 99.7-foot-long, 29.5-foot-wide aircraft powered by a single jet engine. Its design research speed will be Mach 1.4, or 925 mph, flying at 55,000 feet. NASA will use the experimental X-59 to provide data that could change the rules that ban supersonic flight over land by proving a sonic boom can be reduced to a barely-audible sonic thump heard on the ground.

The X-59 being guided into Stall 5.

Quesst: The Vehicle News

Stay up-to-date with the latest content from the Quesst mission on the X-59 aircraft.

NASA’s X-59 Goes from Green to Red, White, and Blue

2 min read

NASA’s X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft continues to make progress, most recently moving to the paint barn at Lockheed Martin Skunk…

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NASA Test Piloting Legends Reunite

1 min read

Nils Larson, aerospace engineer and test pilot for NASA’s X-59 aircraft, met up with his former student, Artemis II astronaut…

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NASA Targets 2024 for First Flight of X-59 Experimental Aircraft

3 min read

NASA’s Quesst mission has adjusted the scheduled first flight of its X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft to 2024. A one-of-a-kind experimental…


NASA’s X-59 Moves Closer to Runway

1 min read

This series of images shows NASA’s X-59 as it sits on the flight line — the space between the hangar…

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NASA’s X-59 Tail Installed

1 min read

NASA’s X-59 has undergone final installation of its lower empennage, better known as the tail assembly. NASA’s X-59 has undergone…

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NASA Armstrong Advances Shock Wave Photography

4 min read

Sound never looked so good! Using a special handheld camera, researchers at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California,…