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Season Two, Episode 0 - Asteroids!

Season 1Oct 2, 2019

The upcoming season will feature stories of asteroid exploration.

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[0:03] Aaron Cavosie: Pretty much every day on Earth is a day of Russian Roulette. There have been dramatic examples, such as the Chelyabinsk airburst that happened over Russia in 2013.

[0:24] Paul Chodas: We’re getting close to 800,000 objects. And in fact, calculate absolutely everything in the solar system. So that’s pretty cool.

[0:37] Marc Rayman: We weren’t out just exploring chunks of rock. Dawn explored two of the last uncharted worlds in the inner solar system.

[0:48] Lindy Elkins-Tanton: Psyche is both the name of a metal asteroid in the outer asteroid belt, and it’s the name of the mission that we are sending to go visit that asteroid. There is only one large metal object in our solar system, and so this will be the very first time that humankind will ever go into space to visit a metal world; a new kind of exploration.

[1:11] Aaron Cavosie: The hazards that exist from space are ever present, and so there’s reason to take pause and wonder about things from above.

[1:21] Narrator: There are millions of asteroids, and each one has a story. Season two of “On a Mission” begins October 8th.

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