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On a Mission

A journey to the stars doesn’t just begin at the launchpad. Discover new worlds through epic stories told by scientists on missions to outer space.

The cover art for the "On a Mission" podcast
Season 4Episode 12Mar 8, 2023

Secrets of the Mars Rovers – S4E12

In this season 4 finale, Gentry Lee and Rob Manning reveal how surprises, hidden flaws, and uncertainties have always been a part of rovers and the exploration of Mars.

Season 4Episode 11Jan 12, 2023

Digging In: When Rovers Get Dirt on Mars - S4E11

Aaron Yazzie and others explain how, by scooping dirt and drilling rocks, rovers are digging deeper into the mysteries of Mars.

Season 4Episode 10Nov 14, 2022

The Power of the Rovers – S4E10

How does a rover keep driving on a planet with no gas stations? Shonte Tucker, Sabah Bux and Rob Manning power us through the ways Mars rovers keep going.

Season 4Episode 9Oct 3, 2022

Before You Can Drive, First You Have to Fly – S4E9

Before a rover can make tracks on Mars, it first has to rocket off Earth, speed through space, and then alight gently on the planet’s surface. Al Chen and Swati Mohan guide us through the many stages of a rover’s flight to Mars.