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Portrait of Mary Stevens

Mary V. Stevens

Procurement Officer, Goddard Space Flight Center

In October of 2022, Mary Stevens was appointed to the Procurement Officer position at GSFC.  Prior to that, Mary has served as the Deputy Director of the GSFC Office of Procurement since October 2014.  In this role, she shared the responsibility of managing the organization and was responsible for planning and execution of all Goddard procurements with accountability for a range of multi-program and institutional activities, such as source selections, sole source procurements, contract negotiation and administration, construction of facilities, contract closeout and termination, and activities that include administration of both small and minority business programs, contract reviews, cost analysis and cooperative agreements.  

Prior to her selection as the Goddard Deputy Procurement Officer, Mary spent 10 years at NASA HQs as a Procurement Analyst.  In that role, Mary served as a Project Manager during the blue print phase of the PRISM Contract Management Module (CMM) development and she was heavily involved in testing, training and roll-out of the CMM Contract Writing System.  Mary also supported Human Exploration and was the Lead Procurement Analyst on the Cancellation and Transition of the Constellation Program.  In this role, Mary worked closely with JSC on the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and MSFC on the Space Launch System.   

Mary started her federal career in 1988 at the Department of Energy as a Contract Specialist and moved to NASA GSFC approximately a year later and has remained at NASA since that time.  During her first tenure at Goddard, Mary worked on several major programs including the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System and the Orbital launch Services Small Expendable Launch Vehicle Services Contract for the Pegasus Launch Vehicle.  Mary also supported several Space Science missions and her last assignment before moving to HQs was leading the SEB that selected the prime contractor for the James Web Space Telescope (JWST) Observatory which successfully launched in December of 2021.   

Mary is the recipient of several awards including an Exceptional Service Medal, two Medals for Exceptional Achievement, a Robert H. Goddard Honor Award, a Silver Snoopy Award, an Acquisition Improvement Award an IEM Program Platinum Award and several Peer Awards.