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About OSI


Future-oriented declaration of purpose and aspirations

We enable NASA mission, relentlessly pursuing sustainability, readiness, and affordability


What we do, our reason to exist

Operate, revitalize, and sustain NASA’s infrastructure, reduce risk, and optimize services by strategically managing environmental, facilities, and logistics programs.


 The beliefs we are emotionally invested in

We believe that Mission success requires uncompromising commitment to: Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Inclusion.


Ensure facilities, environmental, logistics, and space environments testing management programs are ready to support the mission.

  • Objective 1 focus: sustainable portfolio of assets; standards documented in the AMP;
    physical infrastructure is safe, in good condition, and operational when needed.
  • Objective 2 focus: programs that are ready to support mission needs.

Transform OSI programs to maximize budget value while maintaining
service levels commensurate with mission needs.

  • Objective 1 focus: improved affordability through optimized service delivery.
  • Objective 2 focus: reduction of inventory of assets funded by NASA driven by Mission Relevancy.

Implement sustainable practices and foster a proactive, sustainability-focused culture Agency-wide to protect the environment.

  • Objective 1 focus: reduced resource consumption and improved sustainable
  • Objective 2 focus: proactive, sustainability-focused culture Agency-wide.

Ensure a mission-ready workforce, providing for professional growth & consistency across the Enterprise, and fostering a culture of engagement and inclusion.

  • Objective 1 focus: workforce with the right size and the right competencies
  • Objective 2 focus: engaging, supportive, and respectful work environment