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NASA Anti-Harassment Program

Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

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The NASA Anti-Harassment Program, established in 2009, is designed to better ensure the safety of our workforce and the success of our missions by providing a means of promptly and effectively addressing allegations of harassment when they are raised. The program has long been recognized as pioneering by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and by other federal agencies, which have sought NASA’s guidance on developing their own anti-harassment programs.

To learn more about NASA’s Anti-Harassment Program, take a look at some of our program materials, including:

NASA’s Anti-Harassment Campaign

The Campaign has two main strategic objectives, to proactively prevent harassment at NASA and to correct promptly harassment when it occurs. All NASA employees are invited to participate in the Campaign. For managers and supervisors, fully participating in the Agency’s anti-harassment efforts may include messages from Officials in Charge (OIC) and other leaders; reinforcing messages and information sent by the Administrator to all NASA personnel; all-hands meetings or Town Halls to reinforce commitment and prioritization of OICs and other leaders to preventing and promptly correcting harassment, and to engage employees in dialogues relating to their experiences, concerns, or ideas regarding harassment. For employees, efforts to better ensure a harassment-free workplace include familiarizing themselves with the following: 

Anti-Harassment FAQs

…refraining from engaging in unwelcome conduct that may constitute harassment; and promptly reporting incidents of harassment through any of multiple available avenues, including to: a NASA supervisor, a NASA anti-harassment coordinator, or a NASA EEO or Human Resources office.  “The success of NASA’s mission critically depends on having a safe and effective workforce,” says Mr. Shih. “A safe and effective workforce requires a workplace with equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion. This will enable our employees to perform to the best of their ability and fully contribute to the success of their organizations and missions. This will empower our employees to feel safe and valued, and able to carry out their duties, voice their ideas about correction and innovation, and report risks, problems and wrongdoing.”

Other resources of which employees should be aware include the following: