Mission Information

    The STS-121 crewmembers pose for an in-flight photo in the Destiny laboratory.
    Image above: The STS-121 crewmembers gather for an in-flight crew photo in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. From the left (bottom) are astronauts Stephanie Wilson, mission specialist; Steve Lindsey, commander; and Lisa Nowak, mission specialist. From the left (top) are astronauts Piers Sellers, Mike Fossum, both mission specialists; and Mark Kelly, pilot. Credit: NASA

    The crew of Space Shuttle Discovery tested new equipment and procedures that increase the safety of space shuttles during the STS-121 mission to the International Space Station. It also performed maintenance on the space station and delivered supplies, equipment and a new Expedition 13 crew member to the station.

    This mission carried on analysis of safety improvements that debuted on the Return to Flight mission, STS-114, and built upon those tests.

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Mission Information

  • STS-121 astronauts in training

    The STS-121 Mission

    Continued shuttle safety testing and a trip to the International Space Station were featured during STS-121.

  • STS-121 crew

    The STS-121 Crew

    Meet the astronauts of the STS-121 mission aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.



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