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NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog

Active Mission

HERA is a unique 650-square-foot habitat split among two floors and a loft, designed to serve as an analog for isolation, confinement, and remote conditions in exploration scenarios.


Houston, Texas


Closed Environment


Isolation and Confinement

Mission Duration

Up to 45 Days

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NASA Selects New Crew for Next Simulated Mars Journey
8 min read

Lee esta historia en español aquí. NASA has selected a new crew of four volunteers to participate in a simulated…

NASA Selects Crew for Next Simulated Mars Mission
8 min read

Editor’s Note, Jan. 26, 2024: The crew roster for this HERA mission has been updated. NASA selected a crew of…

Amendment 41: Hera Participating Scientist Program Final Text and Due Dates.

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