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MAF Tenant Integration

MAF has defined operations concept in place for our tenants. Each tenant, whether federal or commercial, has an assigned NASA Production Support Systems Manager (PSSM), as well as a Site Operations Contractor Production Support Lead Engineer (PSLE) as their primary points of contact. The PSSMs and PSLEs communicate with their assigned tenants daily to understand tenants’ needs as well as provide technical support and solutions to ensure the success of tenant operations at MAF.

Site Overview about MAF Tenant Integration


New Orleans, LA

Production Support

Kelley Easley

This imagery shows how technicians at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility moved the aft dome of the liquid oxygen tank for NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System) rocket for the next phase of production inside the Vertical Assembly center Dec. 5. The dome will form part of the core stage that will power NASA’s Artemis III mission. Engineers will soon rotate the dome to attach it to the previously joined forward dome and aft barrel segments using friction-stir welding.  The liquid oxygen tank is one of five major components that make up the SLS rocket’s core stage. Together with the forward skirt, intertank, liquid hydrogen tank, engine section, along with the four RS-25 engines at its base, the 212-foot core stage will help power NASA’s Artemis missions to the Moon.
This imagery shows how technicians at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility moved the aft dome of the liquid oxygen tank for NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System) rocket for the next phase of production inside the Vertical Assembly center Dec. 5.
Credit: NASA


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Site Capabilities

  • Engage all NASA-provided support organizations as necessary to support tenant operations (Safety, Environmental, Plant Protection, Telecommunications, etc.)
  • Ensure labor and material resources are available to support site-provided services, as well as tenant-funded requests
  • Identify, communicate, and de-conflict all activities and operations which may impact tenant operations
  • Elevate tenant concerns as necessary to NASA Management
  • Assist tenants with employee and visitor access to MAF

Integration and Coordination

  • Communicate MAF site capabilities (mech. / elect. utilities, foundations, HVAC, Machine Shop,etc.) available to support tenant requirements

Technical Support

  • Facilitate development of new tenant technical requirements
  • Coordinate studies and engineering analyses as required to support development of tenant-funded projects
  • Interface with MAF Site Operations Contractor on behalf of tenants to provide statements of work, cost estimates, schedules, and financial status of tenant-funded projects, as requested. 

Space Allocation and Utilization

  • Present availability and adequacy of available office & manufacturing space for NASA programs and commercial ventures
  • Solicit and refine tenant requirements to optimize space utilization
  • Coordinate & de-conflict requests for Manufacturing and Warehouse space
  • Ensure MAF tenants operate on a “non-interference” basis
  • Assist in development and update of tenant leases


Kelley Easley
Production Support Systems Manager Lead

Support by Tenants

J. Daryl Moore504-257-1208
Brandon Larrieu
Stephanie Neal
B-K AerospaceS. MartinezK. Stiede
Bureau of Safety & Env. Enforcement (BSEE)S. NealK. Stiede
Coast GuardP. PriceK. Stiede
Coast Guard BarbershopP. PriceK. Stiede
Coast Guard ExchangeP. PriceK. Stiede
Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)S. NealJ. Lamonte
Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)K. HellemnJ. Lamonte
Document ManagementN/AD. Moore-SF Support
EntergyN/AJ. Lamonte
Laboratory SupportN/AD. Moore-SF Support
LM Wind PowerP. PriceK. Stiede
Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC)N/AD. Moore-SF Support
Lockheed Martin OrionS. NealJ. Lamonte
Lockheed Martin SLS Core Stage SupportS. NealJ. Lamonte
Lockheed Martin Space SystemsS. NealJ. Lamonte
Lockheed Martin Thermal Protection Products (TPP)S. NealJ. Lamonte
Lockheed Martin Human Lander System (HLS) – FutureN/AJ. Lamonte
Lockheed Martin CDM (Cryo Demonstration Mission)N/AJ. Lamonte
MAF Agreements, incl. CG Exchange, NASA ExchangeN/AE. Shoemaker-Agreements
NASA Exchange (Operations)N/AD. Moore-SF Support
National Center for Advanced Mfrg. (NCAM)B. Larrieu (lead), S. MartinezE. Shoemaker-Agreements
New Business Support, Green Space DevelopmentN/AE. Shoemaker-Agreements
OchsnerP. PriceK. Stiede
PaR SystemsS. MartinezG. Flores
SLS – Core Stage – BoeingK. Hellemn, B. Larrieu (lead)J. Lamonte
SLS – Boeing Service Requests (BSR)K. HellemnJ. Lamonte
SLS – Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) – BoeingK. Hellemn, B. Larrieu (lead)J. Lamonte
SLS – NASA Resident Manager Office (RMO)B. Larrieu (lead)J. Lamonte
SpaceXN/AK. Stiede
Critical SystemsS. MartinezN/A
Task Order TrackingS. NealN/A
TextronK. HellemnK. Stiede
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture National Finance CenterP. PriceD. Moore-SF Support
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Financial Management SystemsP. PriceD. Moore-SF Support
VivaceS. MartinezK. Stiede