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Artemis II NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Christina Koch of NASA, and CSA (Canadian Space Agency) astronaut Jeremy Hansen view the core stage for the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket at the agency’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans on Nov. 16.
Teams at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans prepare the completed Orion pressure vessel for the Artemis IV mission for shipment to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The pressure vessel, which was assembled by lead contractor, Lockheed Martin, is the Orion crew module primary structure – the core upon which all other elements of Orion’s crew module are integrated. The structure is critical to Artemis crews as it holds the pressurized atmosphere astronauts breathe and work in a while in the vacuum of deep space. Once the module arrives at Kennedy’s Vehicle Assembly Building high bay, teams will begin integration of the pressure vessel with the Orion spacecraft crew module adapter and other assembly. With Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface, paving the way for human exploration of the Moon and on to Mars.  Image credit: NASA/Michael DeMocker


Welcome to NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility – MAF Space

Current Facility Status: OPEN – HURCON V about MAFSpace

MAF Announcements

MAF Announcement – NEPA Public Notice

NEPA Public Notice 2023-11-06 Draft Environmental Assessment – Lease for 50 Acre Business Park. Click here to view PDF

MAF Announcement – CNET Article about MAF

CNET: Inside America’s Massive Rocket Factory: How NASA Is Going Back to the Moon 2022-08-02 Link to the CNET article:

MAF Announcement – MAF Gym Patrons

Memo for MAF Gym Patrons 2022-03-30 MAF will initiate reopening of normal operations with our Gym in Building 320.  Facility and Equipment Use:  Facility Cleaning: Failure to comply will result in the suspension of Gym privileges  Gym Facility is video…

Michoud News

NASA Expanding Lunar Exploration with Upgraded SLS Mega Rocket Design
4 min read

By: Martin Burkey As NASA prepares for its first crewed Artemis missions, the agency is making preparations to build, test, and assemble the next evolution of its SLS (Space Launch System) rocket. The larger and more powerful version of SLS,…

Rocket Propellant Tanks for NASA’s Artemis III Mission Take Shape
3 min read

As NASA works to develop all the systems needed to return astronauts to the Moon under its Artemis campaign for the benefit of all, the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket will be responsible for launching astronauts on their journey. With…

NASA Stennis Continues Preparations for Future Artemis Testing
3 min read

Crews at NASA’s Stennis Space Center cleared a milestone Dec. 11, installing a key component in preparation for future Green Run testing of NASA’s new Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) vehicle for use on the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket. Four…


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