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Site Overview

NASA offers Michoud tenants an extensive selection of Shared Services that provide companies the foundation to grow, the infrastructure to expand, and in turn creates a solutions-based environment

Advanced Manufacturing

Friction Stir Welding, Composite Fabrication & Cure, Calibration Measurement, Engineering and Tooling Design, Mechanical and Chemical Testing, Machining, Sub-Assemblies, Cleaning, Heat Treatment, Spray Booths, Thermal Protection Application, Transport & Lifts, Tooling Modifications, and Hazard Disposal

Business Enablers

Recruiting, Placement, Training, Development, Logistics and Advanced Supply Chain Management, Media Services, and Event Planning

Production Support

Planning, Scheduling, Lean Processing Consultation, Quality Control, Modeling and Simulation, Integration, Tooling Design and Production

Facility Improvements

Project Management, Engineering, and Construction

Avoid Major Capital Investments and Set-up Costs – Spend More on Production

Advanced manufacturing equipment for lease

No property taxes or property insurance

MAF has the lowest utility rates in region: those savings are passed on to its customers

Low area wages and cost of living

Market-friendly lease rates

Low site attrition rates and available skilled technical workforce

Pre-negotiated rates for services and support

Capability to tap into worldwide Jacobs talent pool for temporary / unique support

Major hurricane protection system in place

Security, fire, medical and environmental systems and permits in place

Shared conference rooms and other site amenities

An on-site network of suppliers and customers

An established shipping & receiving team

Transportation infrastructure already in place (deep water port, nearby interstate / air / intermodal)

Hire the best, right away! – Use our highly skilled and available technical workforce

External Tank workforce available (2000+ engineers, technicians, craft, project managers, quality inspectors, etc!)

Louisiana FastStart Program – Zero cost new employee recruiting & training program from Louisiana Economic Development

Training Department and Classrooms for Continued Education

Expert Recruiting experience through S3.

Technical Subject Matter Experts on site as a shared resource

University of New Orleans Educational Programs at MAF

8 private colleges and universities, 16 public colleges and universities and 10 technical colleges in the State of Louisiana

Don’t Let Your Facility – Get in the Way of Your Critical Path

Existing infrastructure

Bid on new work (leverage large site)

Ease of transition from prototype to production

Networking / partnering with other companies on site

Systems already in place

Ability to start small and grow fast

Availability to workforce & recruiting

Save Time and Money by Leveraging an Economy of Scale Environment

  • Composites
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Machine Shops
  • Metrology Laboratory
  • Material and Processing Laboratory
  • Metallurgical Processing
  • Logistics
  • Thermal Protection Application

Protect Yourself from Major – Impacts to Production Cost and Schedule

Long Term Leasing capability (up to 75 years!)

24/7 Security Services

Protective Services (Security):

Protective security measures in place at MAF include physical barriers, security guard personnel, electronic and mechanical detection and monitoring equipment, floodlights, warning signs and labels, and identification badges for personnel and vehicles. The security system at the MAF is utilized to control access to specific portions of the facility, and is divided into three zones.

Fire Response Services

  • On site New Orleans Fire Department Engine 45 Fire Station providing professional, state certified firefighting
  • Supported by City of New Orleans Fire Department
  • Fire alarm response (additional fire personnel and equipment)
  • Hazardous Materials Response Team
  • Confined Space and High Angle Rescue teams
  • Site wide automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems
  • State of the art systems reporting to central emergency dispatch

Emergency Medical Services

  • Provided by the City of New Orleans
  • Ambulances and paramedics staff
  • State of the art medical care
  • Emergency medical treatment and transport 24/7
  • State certified emergency medical personnel

Occupational Health Clinic Onsite

The MAF has a medical facility located on the first floor of Building 320. Health services provided include pre-employment testing, review of medical history, and physical examinations. Emergency services are also provided to anyone on the facility. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), directed by a licensed professional counselor, provides services by appointment and on an emergency basis. Several innovative programs were developed to help employees cope following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Professional, state accredited staff (physician, nurses, x-ray technicians and support staff)
  • Providing Occupational Health services M-F
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Services

Hurricane Protection

One of MAF’s greatest strengths in the region is the extremely low risk stance that NASA has taken over the past several decades with regard to hurricane protection. It is imperative to the NASA mission that the equipment, infrastructure, and hardware contained in the site’s buildings be protected from catastrophe’s to a degree well beyond the norm, despite the infrequency of major storms in the area (less than one every 12 years on average). This is the reason that MAF includes an independent pump station, fire brigade, on site ambulance service, and security force on site.

Although the current system was successfully proven during Hurricane Katrina, the worst disaster in our nation’s history, NASA’s low risk mentality has brought additional federal funding (approximately $178 million). The levees have been raised an additional 2 to 3 feet. The pump system has been upgraded, and a redundant system was constructed in the Fall 2011. Even the roofing on site has been replaced on all of the buildings. The Army Corps of Engineers is also reaching the end of the largest design build project they have ever conducted – creating a new barrier that runs in parallel to our own raised levee and renders our levees virtually unnecessary except as a back-up system.