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MAF Site Development Office

The Michoud Assembly Facility has prioritized community and industry engagement as one of its core goals.  The MAF Site Development Office seeks to meet this goal by leveraging partnership engagement opportunities at the Michoud Assembly Facility and beyond.  These opportunities can be realized through public private ventures, lease agreements, research and development collaborations, National Historic Preservation agreements, Commercial Space Launch agreements as well as many more partnerships.

Site Overview about MAF Site Development Office


New Orleans, LA

Site Development Lead

Eric Shoemaker

Propel Park construction at the Michoud Assembly Facility.
New industrial and office development, the first facility of its kind within New Orleans city limits in over 20 years, is located within NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) campus.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Serves as the primary contact for all Site Development activity at The Michoud Assembly Facility
  • Represents NASA Michoud in community engagement and economic development forums
  • Brings forward NASA strategic site development initiatives to the public for potential synergy and mutual benefit with industry partners
  • Represents The Michoud Assembly Facility’s small business interests as well as serves on the Small Business Council for Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Acts as the core team for the identification, negotiation, and execution of all partnership agreements at MAF


The Site Development Office strives to achieve success through all three phases of the partnership experience with NASA.  We give equal importance to all customers, large and small, no matter if you are just beginning your relationship with NASA or are nearing the end of it.  This approach has led to great site development success over the past decade and the growth promises to continue.  We look forward to sharing success with our partners as NASA undertakes some of the most challenging and inspiring work in its history.


Eric Shoemaker
Site Development Lead
Office: 504-257-1258
Cell 504-388-8345
Judy Drabkin
Contract Specialist
Office: 256 544-3860
Cell: 256 679-9232
David Doss
Business Development Manager
Office: 504 418-1565