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MAF Integration

The Michoud Assembly Facility’s Integration Office facilitates the coordination of production activity site-wide to ensure the continuity of service contracts in support of Michoud’s Space Launch System (SLS) mission and overall readiness.

MAF is an 829-acre facility staffed by over 3,000 employees from a series of federal, state, and industry partners. The MAF Integration Office’s role of negotiating and maintaining service contracts is a critical component to the success of the facility.

Site Overview about MAF Integration


New Orleans, LA

Integrations Lead

Cynthia Spraul

Component Processing Facility located in Building 103 at the Michoud Assembly Facility.
Component Processing Facility located in Building 103 at the Michoud Assembly Facility.
Credit: NASA


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing facility contractors to increase productivity
  • Managing the needs and services of tenants on-site
  • Pursuing opportunities to reduce energy consumption on-site
  • Maximizing opportunities to leas available space to offset operating costs.
  • Partnering with commercial developers to build on-site on underutilized land.

    Component Processing Facility

    CPF has the capability to rework, repair, precision clean, and test all types of components, piping, and tubing used in gas, water, propellant, hydraulic, and oxidizer systems. The cleaning verification of parts and assembly of components is facilitated using an ISO7/Class 10,000 clean room. CPF can test components at pressures up to 15,000 psig (pneumatic) and 45,000 psig (hydrostatic). The CPF is The CPF is ISO 9001 certified, not currently AS 9100/9110 certified.

    CPF capabilities include:

    Hydrostatic Pressure Test

    • Hydrostatic Test Bench with capability up to 35K psi
    • Portable Hydrostatic pumps with capability up to 45K psi (normally used in Bldg. 218 for testing larger components)

    Gross Cleaning

    • Chemical Clean Line for chemically cleaning components
    • Mild Alkaline
    • Caustic
    • Passivation w/ Nitric Acid
    • Deoxidizer (Phosphoric Acid)
    • Corrosion / Rust Inhibitor
    • Heated pressure washer for flushing tubing, pipes, and pressure vessels (Brulin as cleaning chemical)
    • Deionized Water rinse / flushing
    • 5-ton overhead crane for handling large components
    • 2-ton jib crane

    Disassembly & Assembly

    • Capability to disassemble & reassemble valves and other components of virtually any size.
    • 2-ton Jib Cranes for handling of various sized components
    • 5-ton Overhead crane for handling large components

    Precision Cleaning & Clean Verification

    • ISO Level 7 Clean Room Complex
    • ISO Level 7.5 Flow Bench in Clean Room
    • ISO Level 6.5 Flow Benches in Anteroom
    • Solvent Flushing
    • 1M ohm & 50K ohm Deionized Water
    • Particulate sampling and verification for aerospace clean standards
    • Moisture Analysis
    • Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) Analysis


    Cynthia Spraul
    Integrations Lead