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MAF Fitness Center

The Michoud Fitness Center is located on the 1st floor of Bldg. 320 and is FREE to employees and visitors. The fitness center features 20 cardiovascular machines and an extensive range of weight equipment. Men and women’s locker rooms are on-site with showers and changing rooms.

Michoud Assembly Facility fitness center.

Entry Requirements

Access to MAF Fitness Center is granted via badge reader. Follow the steps below to obtain access.

Employees based at MAF

  1. Schedule appointment with MAF medical clinic to obtain medical clearance. The MAF medical clinic can be reached at 504 257-2701 or
  2. Complete orientation.
  3. Submit IDMax access request.

NASA Employees and Contractors Visiting MAF

  1. Prior to arriving at facility, schedule appointment with MAF medical clinic to obtain medical clearance.
  2. The MAF medical clinic will respond with link to waiver and orientation.
  3. Once visiting employee has signed and returned waiver form, visiting employee must submit an IDMax request.
  4. Access will be granted for the duration of each visit from initial request.

Gym Rules

Rule 1: A release form must be completed before using the Fitness Center.

Rule 2: Do NOT give anyone access to the Fitness Center that has not signed a release.

Rule 3: Work out at your own risk.

Rule 4: No SMOKING, EATING, or DRINKING allowed.
• Reason: The Fitness Center is for exercising and not designed to double as a cafeteria.

Rule 5: In case of a medical emergency, pick up the RED PHONE as it will call dispatch automatically. If using a cell phone, dial 504-257-2333.

Rule 6: Shirt, athletic shoes and appropriate exercise apparel must be worn while exercising.
• Reason: Athletic apparel is specifically designed for physical or athletic activities and allows individuals more freedom of movement than regular clothing during such activities.

Rule 7: Do NOT rest on machines between sets.
• Reason: Do one (1) set then allow others to use the machines as it is courteous to others.

Rule 8: Do NOT remove any equipment from the fitness center.

Rule 9: All dumbbells MUST be returned to racks after exercise.
• Reason: To prevent an injury from equipment being left on the floor. In addition, to not having to search for them.

Rule 10: Do NOT drop dumbbells or slam weight on machines.
• Reason: Dropping dumbbells or slamming weight on machines may cause damage to equipment and will restrict the usage while equipment is being repaired.

Rule 11: Do NOT attempt to repair equipment. Please call 7-HELP.
• Reason: Attempting to repair damaged equipment may cause sever injury to the individual or cause more damage to the equipment.

Rule 12: Wipe equipment after each use.
• Reason: If you don’t wipe down your machine with wipes or a towel and spray sanitizer, you could seriously spread your germs to everyone else who uses the machine after you.

Rule 13: Remove belonging and locks form lockers after each use, and do not leave personal belongings lying around the locker room.
• Reason: There are not enough lockers to accommodate ever Fitness Center user. The lockers provide a place to store your belongings while working out.