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NASA STEM Engagement Comments and Questions

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To send a comment or ask a question about the NASA STEM Engagement website, please send email to:

The NASA STEM Engagement Team will respond as time permits to inquiries regarding NASA STEM Engagement Programs and the website. So that we can sort email and respond more effectively, please include a specific subject line.

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Due to the volume of messages we receive, we are unable to promise answers to general questions about NASA and its programs. Answers to many of these questions can be found by perusing the following online resources maintained by NASA.

About NASA
The starting point for finding general information about NASA.

NASA Centers and Facilities
Located across the U.S., the agency has a diverse workforce of just under 18,000 civil servants, and works with many more U.S. contractors, academia, and international and commercial partners to explore, discover, and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

NASA Missions
Exploring the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all. NASA investigates the unknown in air and space, innovates for the benefit of humanity, and inspires the world through discovery.

NASA Press Releases
Stay up-to-date with the latest content from NASA as we explore the universe and discover more about our home planet.

Thank you for your interest in NASA’s STEM Engagement website.