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Benefits for Humanity: Your Orbiting Laboratory

NASA astronaut and Expedition 66 Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei peers at the Earth below from inside the seven-windowed cupola, the International Space Station's window to the world. Just outside the cupola is the Soyuz MS-19 crew ship docked to the Rassvet module.
Credits: NASA

I always thought being an astronaut would be an amazing thing. I never thought it would be a real possibility. But the thing that always inspired me about it was this idea that we get to explore and do it in a way that benefits all of humanity.

Mark Vande hei

Mark Vande hei

NASA Astronaut

This introduction summarizes the International Space Station’s unique research opportunities and key accomplishments to date. Learn how space station benefits are derived and look at the growing number of studies and facilities building on prior results as the station moves into its third decade, including from the perspective of its international partners. 



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Jun 27, 2023
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