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NASA Astronaut Anil Menon

Anil Menon was selected as a NASA astronaut in 2021.

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Anil Menon

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Dr. Anil Menon was selected by NASA to join the 2021 Astronaut Candidate Class. He reports for duty in January 2022. Menon was SpaceX’s first flight surgeon, helping to launch its first humans to space during the Demo-2 mission and building a medical organization to support the human system during future missions. Prior, he served NASA as the crew flight surgeon for various expeditions on the International Space Station. Menon is an actively practicing emergency medicine physician with fellowship training in wilderness and aerospace medicine. As a physician he was a first responder during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 2015 earthquake in Nepal, and the 2011 Reno Air Show accident. In the U.S. Air Force, Lt. Col. Menon supports the 45th Space Wing as a flight surgeon and supported the 173rd Fighter Wing where he logged over 100 sorties in the F-15 and transported over 100 patients as part of the critical care air transport team. 

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NASA Astronaut Anil Menon
(6 December 2021) NASA Astronaut Anil Menon
NASA/Robert Markowitz