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The NASA History and Archives Offices are strong supporters of National History Day, and have made a ton of material available. You’ve come to the right place for books, photos, documents, video, oral history interview transcripts, and more.

Wind tunnel dedication photograph

Are you researching women in space, Apollo 11, black holes, or flowers growing in the International Space Station?  

Archivists are research experts, but using the archives is a bit different than doing a simple Google Search. Our archivists have put together a guide on how to research using archival material.

Some of our historians are also NHD judges at the local, state, and national level. As such, they believe strongly in the use of primary sources.  We do not provide historian interviews. Instead, we have made thousands of pages of oral history interviews available so that everyone has equal access. Our current astronauts are busy with training or missions and so are not available for interviews. If you have specific questions that came out of your own research, email us at, and we may be able to direct you to more resources. Please keep your inquiries limited and specific to information that you were unable to find using the resources below.  

We have compiled the most useful links for young researchers below. Feel free to explore! Maybe you will find answers to questions that you hadn’t thought to ask.

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