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Goddard Exhibits for Loan

Wall panels from a colorful space museum exhibit line the walls of a large room with tall windows and skylights, a black ceiling, and gray carpet. The panels feature colorful photos of galaxies, nebulas, and spacecraft landing on the Moon and Mars.

Looking for a display or exhibit to help engage your guests or students in NASA, STEM, or space-themed topics? NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has an outreach program that loans out traveling exhibits such as astronaut photo cut-outs, a space suit and blue flight suit, and more – on a short-term basis – normally anywhere from one to three weeks. Displays and exhibits are made available to school and community groups and other educational organizations – as well as to Goddard employees – on a first-come, first-served basis within Goddard’s geographical operating area.

For more information on the program and to see what is available, please contact

Exhibit Options

A photo of three cutouts of white astronaut suits, with open circles where the helmets should be. The cutouts are designed for people of different sizes to stand behind the cutouts and look through the holes, so it looks as if they are "wearing" astronaut suits. The three cutouts stand in a lobby, in front of a wall sign with the NASA logo and "Goddard Space Flight Center".

Astronaut Cutouts

Choose up to 3, each a different height.

A photo of three life-sized cutouts of NASA astronauts. The two on the left are women wearing orange flight suits and holding helmets under their left arms. The one on the right is a man in a white flight suit. All of the astronauts have many patches and insignia on their uniforms.

Astronaut Image Stands (various)

Pick from three different options.

A photo of a photo kiosk designed to take photos of people's faces and insert them into photos of astronauts. The kiosk is taller than a person and shaped like a slightly curved rectangle, with the word "PHOTO" large on the left side and the NASA logo and a screen on the front. A camera is mounted on a bar at the top, and a tray for the printed photos is underneath the NASA logo. The kiosk stands in a brightly lit lobby area, with the outdoors visible through windows behind it.

NASA Photo Booth Kiosk

Loaded with three backgrounds featuring Artemis images. Please allow 8 weeks advance for reservation.

A photo of a banner designed to serve as a background for photo shoots. The banner looks like a curtain hanging from a metal rod, printed with the NASA logo and white text saying Goddard Space Flight Center in a repeating pattern. The banner is slightly glossy and reflects some light near the top.

Step Repeat Banner + Case (Goddard Employees Only)

The banner is 82” tall x 58” wide with a base that is 9” deep. The case is 9” wide x 4” deep x 62” tall.  It weighs approx. 15 lbs. 5 are available.

A photo of a large, inflatable NASA logo, which looks like a big blue circle with a red V-shape running diagonally across it, behind big white letters saying NASA and surrounded by stars. The word NASA and the red V are circled by a white oval representing a comet's path. The inflatable has the logo on both sides, so the point of the V on the back side is visible extending out the left side of the circle. The inflatable is staked to the ground outdoors with cables, and it is a slightly cloudy day with green-brown grass and trees in the background.

NASA Inflatable (Goddard Employees Only)

Very large (10'x6' plus tethers) and requires 2+ people to set up and take down. Blower included.

A photo of two astronaut suits draped on a table, with the legs hanging over the edge. On the left is a white suit with an attached helmet and pack on the back. On the right is a blue flight suit. Both suits have many patches and insignia on them. Display cards with graphics and information are propped behind the blue suit, and a TV is mounted on the wall behind them.

Spacesuit, Flight Suits, and Graphics (Goddard Employees Only

Suits are delicate and MUST NOT be worn.