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2022 Associate Administrator (AA) Awards Honorees

ARC = Ames Research Center
AFRC = Armstrong Flight Research Center
GRC = Glenn Research Center
HQ = Headquarters
LaRC = Langley Research Center

Technology and Innovation

Andrew Lovejoy, LaRC
Andrew Lovejoy has made substantial contributions to composite technology. His work in stitched composites structures will be a key enabler to achieving high-rate manufacturing of composite transport aircraft, enhancing American manufacturers’ competitiveness in a tight market for next generation aircraft. These composite technology advancements play a critical role in ARMD’s Sustainable Flight National Partnership strategy to build lighter-weight, efficient aircraft that can help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Honoree (Group)
NEAT Altitude Integration Test Team, GRC

The NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) Altitude Integration Test team performed exceptionally during their effort to design, build, and safely conduct the world’s first integrated megawatt-level powertrain test under altitude conditions. Most notably, the team doubled the power available to the facility and upgraded the altitude capability to be able to test at pressures representing up to 51,000 feet. The results of their work are highly important to the field of electrified aircraft.
Team Lead: Joe Haglage (GRC)
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Leadership and Management Excellence

Thomas P. Ratvasky, GRC
Thomas Ratvasky demonstrated exemplary performance in providing critical leadership and management for the High Ice Water Content flight campaign, which resulted in the delivery of critical icing data to the aviation community. His efforts included developing key partnerships to enable this work to go forward, coordinating numerous partners in both the technical aspects of the research and the logistics of the campaign, and overcoming numerous challenges imposed by COVID-19 and other factors – all the while making key technical contributions to the effort itself.

Honorable Mention
Brent Cobleigh, AFRC
Brent Cobleigh’s successful leadership led to the Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project leadership remaining diligent and timely during the demonstrator’s acquisition process. As a result of his steady focus on achieving ARMD’s strategic vision, the Sustainable Flight National Partnership can remain on a timeline conducive for supporting needed technology development for aircraft during the 2030s.

Program and Mission Support

Jennifer Griffiths, GRC
Jennifer Griffiths has been highly effective in her support of ARMD’s activities. Her commitment to the ARMD family is demonstrated through her diligent, pragmatic, and thoughtful efforts to ensure the leadership teams are well positioned to address mission critical talent acquisitions, are prepared with timely information for thoughtful employee engagement, and have reliable support for expert consultation on all human resource matters.

Honoree (Group)
NARI AAM EcoSystem Working Group Support Team, ARC
The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Working Group Support Team has enabled more than 100 seamless and successful meetings between industry, academic, and government stakeholders. The team has been a cornerstone for sustaining enthusiasm at, and consistent attendance to, working group meetings. The meetings run like clockwork, and the support team has created a web-based hub to archive meeting content and other useful information, which has become an important reference site for the working group.
Team Leads: Anna Cavolowsky (ARC) and BreeAnn Stallsmith (ARC)
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High Potentials

Kevin Jacobson, LaRC
Kevin Jacobson has been instrumental in the development of computational fluid dynamics-based prediction tools, specifically those related to aeroelastic flutter and coupling frameworks. The development of such tools is a crucial piece towards long-term NASA goals regarding improved performance capabilities across the spectrum of next-generation aircraft. His outstanding accomplishments in this field have not only positively impacted ARMD objectives, milestones, and research planning, but also that of ARMD stakeholders and partners in industry, academia, and government.

Strategic Partnerships

Joey Mercer, ARC
As lead of the Scalable Traffic Management for Emergency Response Operations (STEReO) activity, Joey Mercer has developed strategic partnerships with the stakeholder community that will endure beyond the activity and enable future ARMD efforts to support wildfire management. The partnerships he has fostered with wildfire management organizations at the local, state, and federal levels has led to developing solutions to their stated needs and crafting unique roles for each organization involved.

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