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Student & STEM Opportunities

SpaceX LM Hero illustration.

NASA’s Deep Space Logistics Project supports a limited number of student research and internship opportunities every year.  Our project also collaborates with other NASA organizations to support students and STEM Education at all levels.  Our student opportunities are aimed at new technology development and the application of NASA’s commercial spaceflight services approach that are so critical to achieving our vision to Enable and Vibrant Commercial Supply Chain in Deep Space. 

Some of our previous  research and internships have focused on Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), Deep Space Environments & Spacecraft Thermal Modeling, Lunar Dust Mitigation, Spacecraft Rendezvous Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD), Cargo Packing and Delivery, 3D Printing from Waste Materials, In-space Refueling and Smallsat/Cubesat Interfaces and Science Missions. 

We have also supported students in areas of commercial acquisition, strategic communications and the development and management of NASA public/private partnerships for space exploration. 

Here’s how to find out more about NASA’s Internship Programs.