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Human Spaceflight and Aviation Standards

Astronauts in Quest Airlock
Astronauts Barry Wilmore, left, and Reid Wiseman set up their space suits and tools in the equipment lock of the Quest Airlock aboard the International Space Station.

NASA Human Health, Medical, and Performance Spaceflight Standards – NASA- Standard 3001 Volumes 1 and 2

NASA-STD-3001, NASA Spaceflight Human-System Standard Volume 1 and 2, establishes Agency standards that enable human spaceflight missions by minimizing health risks, providing vehicle design parameters, and enabling the performance of flight and ground crew. Applicability and tailoring of Standards are determined based on each program’s mission profile and procurement strategy.

NASA-STD-3001 Volume 1 covers the requirements needed to support astronaut health and provide medical care while Volume 2 covers human-related vehicle system design and operations requirements that will maintain astronaut safety and promote performance.

The Human Spaceflight & Aviation Standards Team continually works with programs to provide the best standards and implementation documentation to minimize development issues. Via partnerships with programs and industry, the standards are constantly evolving to enable the successful implementation of NASA programs and the commercialization of human spaceflight.

Human Spaceflight Standards NASA-STD-3001
Human Spaceflight Standards NASA-STD-3001



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