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What Did You Hear? Be a QSF18 Citizen Scientist


Map of Galveston showing Test area.
Big Picture Test Overview

Do you live in the Galveston, Texas area? Galveston City? Hitchcock? Texas City? Goat Island?

For two weeks starting November 5, 2018, we flew a NASA research aircraft at supersonic speed over the Galveston area during the mornings and/or afternoons.

Usually an aircraft flying that fast makes a very loud sonic “boom!” sound. But for these tests, we flew a unique pattern that created a much quieter sound over the land.

We did this in order to test sensor equipment and survey tools used to collect data about the sounds from the ground and from 500 official community participants who live in the “Community Response Survey Area.”

The area where people might hear the quiet “thump” sound was bigger than the official response survey area, so we conducted this citizen science activity to also collect responses from people not participating in the official survey or who lived in the official “Community Response Survey Area.” 

Then use the Citizen Science form on this page to record your responses (e.g., time, location, perception of sound). You are not required to enter any personal information.

See posts associated with QSF18 @NASAAero on Twitter and Facebook, and @CityofGalveston on Twitter /cityofgalveston on Facebook.

(NOTE: This citizen science activity was informal and not the same as the formal process of collecting official responses from pre-selected community volunteers. However, all responses will be reviewed by NASA researchers following the flight campaign.)

Map of Responses

(NOTE: Display of responses is delayed by 24 hours to ensure covering all flights from preceding flight day.)

Responses from Thursday, November 15 — LAST FLIGHT DAY

Thank you for participating!

QSF18 Legend. Green is Quiet. Blue is Medium. Red is Loud.



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