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The Challenger STS-51L Accident

On January 28, 1986, NASA and the American people were rocked as tragedy unfolded 73 seconds into the flight of Space Shuttle Challenger’s STS-51L mission. Presented below are documents and resources about the accident and its aftermath.

The STS-51L Crew

Portrait of Ellison Onizuka

Mission Specialist

Portrait of Astronaut Judy Resnik

Mission Specialist

Official photo of Ronald E. McNair

Mission Specialist

Portrait of Gregory B. Jarvis

Payload Specialist

Portrait of Sharon Christa McAuliffe

Payload Specialist "Teacher in Space Project"

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The Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51L Mission

The Challenger shuttle crew, of seven astronauts—including the pilot, aerospace engineers, and scientists—died tragically in the explosion of their spacecraft during the…

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