Doing Business with NASA Ames

Doing Business with NASA Ames

Ames Strategic Management and Analysis and New Opportunities Center

Interested in developing a strategic alliance or proposal in partnership with Ames? 

Interested in finding out about potential proposal partnering opportunities?
The Strategic Management and Analysis Division and the New Opportunities Center at Ames Research Center is a focal point for strategic alliances and developing new concepts and opportunities through proposals. We connect ideas, people, and opportunities. The Strategic Management and Analysis Division is a great place to start for making a connection between your interests and ours.
For more information, please contact
 Beverly Girten, 
chief of NASA Ames Strategic Management and Analysis. 
Contact information: beverly.e.girten@nasa.gov
, 650-604-0579

Technology Partnerships Division

Interested in finding out about partnering opportunities with NASA Ames?
We invite you to partner with NASA Ames Research Center to maintain American industry as a world leader in technology development, maturation, and utilization.
Working collaboratively alongside the brightest minds in the world at Ames Research Center, you will be able to access and implement NASA technologies and innovations into your product line and/or further develop specific technologies to create new products. By forming an alliance to leverage resources and expertise, both NASA and your organization will collaborate on some of the world's most intelligent, high-performance, and reliable technologies.
Based on Ames' workforce skills and physical assets, the Center's Core Competencies are enhanced by a broad range of collaborations with other government agencies, industry, and academia.

Acquisition Division - Ames Small Business Specialist

Are you a small business seeking information on how NASA Ames Research Center acquires goods and services?
Want an information package on doing business with NASA Ames Research Center?
Want to know who the Small Business contact is at NASA Ames Research Center?
To keep abreast of acquisition opportunities, we recommend the use of NASA's automated electronic notification service by subscribing to the NAIS Email Notification System. Offerors are able to track actions by product category, Center, or specific acquisition by using this tool.

Acquisition Division - Procurement

Want to look at active requirements for goods and services (i.e., pre-award business opportunities)? 
Want to view NASA Ames' acquisition forecast for this fiscal year?
Interested in links to other center procurement websites?


Freedom of Information Act

Are you interested in more information about NASA? The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was passed to enable the public access to records of the agency. Please visit our website for guidance, contact information and procedures.


Contact Information

NASA's Ames Research Center 
Moffett Field, California 94035
(650) 604-5000

Media Relations(650) 604-4789


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