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Collect Them All: NASA Center to Debut Postcards at Eclipse Event

A flyer with a black background, a NASA “meatball” insignia and white text that says, “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” in the top right corner, and a headline in white text near the top that says, “Special Edition Postcards: NASA Glenn Exploration and Innovation.” Below the headline are graphics of six colorful postcards with illustrations. At the top left is a postcard with an illustration of the Orion spacecraft at NASA’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility. Below the illustration is yellow text that says, “Super-Powerful Test Facilities.” At the top center is a postcard with an illustration of a painter on a lift putting finishing touches on the large NASA “meatball” insignia installed on NASA Glenn’s hangar. Below it is purple text that says, “It’s Not Just Rocket Science.” At the top right is a postcard with an illustration of Neil Armstrong next to the Moon, the Earth, and a spacecraft, with dark blue text below that says,” Apollo to Artemis: Road to the Moon.” At the bottom left is a postcard with an illustration of a NASA worker at the bottom of Glenn’s deep drop tower, with yellow text below that says, “Simulating Space on Earth.” At the bottom center is a postcard with an illustration of an orange plane next to an airport with the X-59 aircraft flying above. Below is cream text that says, “Flight Innovations: Future of Aviation.” At the bottom right is a postcard with an illustration of a woman scientist working in a lab with a collage of colorful pop art squares with molecules on them behind her. Below is yellow text that says, “Prolific Inventors: Patents and Products.”
NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is releasing six special edition postcards that feature custom retro art and fun facts about the center.
Credit: NASA

At Total Eclipse Fest 2024, a celestial celebration from April 6-8 at Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland, NASA’s Glenn Research Center will debut a set of six special edition postcards featuring retro artwork and fun facts about the center’s world-class facilities, capabilities, and work to explore and innovate for the benefit of all.

NASA will distribute the collectible postcards free of charge to visitors at NASA Village, an immersive experience at the festival featuring hands-on activities and exhibits about the agency’s major missions and cutting-edge projects. NASA scientists, engineers, and even astronauts will also be at the event to meet the public and talk about their ground-breaking work.

Did you know the iconic NASA “meatball” insignia was designed by an artist from NASA Glenn? Along with colorful illustrations, the postcards include information about the center’s legacies, one-of-a-kind Zero Gravity Research Facility and spacecraft testing complex, work to improve air travel, critical role in returning humans to the Moon through the agency’s Artemis missions, and more.

The postcards are genuine; in addition to collecting or displaying the cards, people can write messages on their backs and mail them to friends and loved ones – no envelopes required.

While they will make their debut at Total Eclipse Fest 2024, the Glenn special edition postcards will be available to collect at NASA events in the future.