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NASA’s “Dream with Us” Challenge Asks Students for Their Vision

Dream with Us graphic, showing a female African American dreaming up aeronautics ideas.
Do you dream of flying through the air in new ways? A dream that could make a great video, digital collage, painting, graphic novel story, or other project? Take our Dream with Us challenge and share your dream by May 31.
NASA / Lillian GIpson / Getty Images

NASA Aeronautics is reaching out to the innovators of tomorrow to share in the excitement of our vision for aviation’s future.

The “Dream with Us” challenge is asking students in grades 6-12 to help us imagine innovative solutions to three aeronautical challenges NASA is working on by submitting an original art piece capturing their ideas.

The three aeronautical challenges are drone uses, future airports and vertiports, and new sustainable aircraft designs.

Submissions can take the form of several mediums – like digital art, models, comic books, essays, or stories – that depict your vision of how these real-world aeronautical challenges could be solved in the future, along with a written explanation of how your solution works.

Winners will earn the opportunity to have a NASA subject matter expert present to your classroom or school, as well as certificates or other materials, and could even have your work publicly displayed on NASA Aeronautics’ website and social media accounts.

The submission period begins March 1, 2022 and ends May 31, 2022 at midnight EDT. Entries will be evaluated based on impact, practicality, originality, and how well the idea is communicated.

Visit the Dream with Us page for participant and educator resources about the three challenges, and guidelines for making your submission.