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Black History Month

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Explore content related to NASA and Black History Month.

STEM Resources

Explore NASA's STEM resources for Black History Month.

A white cloud - half divided up like audio waves and half solid - sits in the foreground of an orange background.

Celebrating NASA Voices: Black History Month

In this curation released on SoundCloud in honor of Black History Month, learn about some notable figures from the past and present who have helped NASA accomplish amazing feats.

Portrait Katherine G. Johnson

Make a Katherine Johnson Paper Doll or Stick Puppet

Katherine Johnson's fascination and skills with numbers and math allowed others to reach the stars. Make a Katherine Johnson paper doll or stick puppet with NASA Space Crafts.

NASA spacewalker Victor Glover

Printable Puzzles About Black American Astronauts

Challenge your puzzle skills and learn about the Black American astronauts pushing the boundaries of exploration. Celebrate their accomplishments with these printable worksheets.

Brigadier General Charles McGee, left, speaks with NASA astronaut Alvin Drew

Aeronautics Leveled Readers: Tuskegee Airmen

Bring the history of American aviation to life by highlighting the accomplishments of famous and historical aviators. Stories are written at elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

Black History Month: A Crossword puzzle

Black History Month: A Printable Crossword Puzzle

From astronauts to scientists to leaders, African Americans have played a vital role in NASA’s achievements. Learn more about their contributions with this crossword puzzle.