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Spacewalk Training

On the latest episode of Houston, We Have a Podcast, an engineer at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory discusses how environmental effects help make spacewalk training more realistic.

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NASA astronaut and Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Michael Hopkins is pictured during a spacewalk servicing communications gear on the outside of the International Space Station's Columbus laboratory module.

Earth Information Center

For more than 50 years, NASA satellites have provided data on Earth's land, water, air, temperature, and climate. NASA's Earth Information Center allows visitors to see how our planet is changing in six key areas: sea level rise and coastal impacts, health and air quality, wildfires, greenhouse gases, sustainable energy, and agriculture.

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Management and Program Analyst Mallory Carbon

“I feel that my larger purpose at NASA, which I’ve felt since I came on as an intern, is to leave NASA a better place than I found it.” — Mallory Carbon, Management and Program Analyst, NASA Headquarters


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Space image with stars and swirls of colorful orange, red and white.