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Orbital 1 Cargo By-The-Numbers

Total weight of cargo:       2,780 pounds / 1,261 kilograms
Crew supplies:                  935 pounds/424 kilograms
Hardware:                           734 pounds /333 kilograms
Science and research:    957 pounds /434 kilograms
Computer supplies:        106 pounds/48 kilograms
Spacewalk tools:              48 pounds/22 kilograms

Number of student experiment proposals received: 1,841
Number of student experiments selected:  23
Number of students participating: 8,675

For more information on the student experiments:
Part 1 - Part 2

Other science payloads are flying that focus on:

  • Vaccines, antibiotic effectiveness and drug resistance in space
  • Fundamental physics that could lead to better products on earth with better performance and stability
  • How fire behaves in space
  • How ants behave and live in space
  • How liquids move and behave in space


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