NASA's Ames Research Center

NASA in Silicon Valley

A 2012 aerial image of NASA's Ames Research Center.

Ames Research Center, one of 10 NASA field centers, is located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. For 75 years, Ames has been a leader in conducting world-class research and development.
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Areas of Ames Ingenuity

Entry systems: Safely delivering spacecraft to Earth & other celestial bodies
Supercomputing: Enabling NASA's advanced modeling and simulation
NextGen air transportation: Transforming the way we fly
Airborne science: Examining our own world & beyond from the sky
Low-cost missions: Enabling high value science to low Earth orbit & the moon
Biology & astrobiology: Understanding life on Earth -- and in space
Exoplanets: Finding worlds beyond our own
Autonomy & robotics: Complementing humans in space
Lunar science: Rediscovering our moon
Human factors: Advancing human-technology interaction for NASA missions
Wind tunnels: Testing on the ground before you take to the sky

Open House Oct. 18!

A 2012 aerial image of NASA's Ames Research Center.

NASA's Ames Research Center
75th Anniversary Open House

October 18, 2014

In honor of our 75th anniversary, we're hosting our first open house event since 1997. Click here for more information

We're sorry, all available tickets have been reserved. 

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