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What is NASA’s Digital Transformation?

Employing digital technologies to change a process, product, or capability so dramatically, that it’s unrecognizable compared to its traditional form.

With the rise of technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, Digital Transformation is more vital than ever.

NASA created Digital Transformation as an agency-level strategic initiative to address how we could become more competitive in a digital workplace, use resources more efficiently, and ensure safety from increasing digital threats.

Our Framework

3 Future State Goals. 4 Transformation Targets. 5 Digital Levers. 6 Technology Foundations. 7 Mission Outcomes.

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Our History

2020: NASA Digital Transformation Launched

NASA created the Enterprise Digital Transformation study and research team.

2021: Plan Established

NASA formalized the Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategic Initiative. Organizations began contributing to find solutions to common challenges.

2022 and Beyond:

NASA shifted Enterprise Digital Transformation’s implementation model to:

  • Accelerate identification, development, and adoption of high-priority digital actions that deliver near-term benefits.
  • Develop key digital plans and strategies to achieve long-term mission success.