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Earthrise: Monthly e-Newsletter With Earth and Climate Science Resources

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View of the globe of Earth from space, featuring swirling white clouds over North America, with the title “Earthrise: Elevating Earth and Climate Science in the Classroom”



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Welcome to Earthrise!

Earthrise leverages NASA’s digital community of practice for educators, and a broad network of learners associated with NASA’s federal partners, to provide K-12 educators and learners with a focused, monthly collection of Earth and climate science resources from across the federal enterprise. Educators are invited to register for this monthly engagement that will continue through the remainder of 2024. Our primary focus is centered around access to Earth and climate resources for the K-12 community and we plan to set up a regular working group to inform plans for carrying this through the summer and beyond as well.

This initiative began with intent to move the needle on educating our nation’s children and increasing their understanding of Earth and climate science, and the importance of protecting our home planet.

Explore the following issues of the Earthrise newsletter to elevate Earth and climate science in your classroom with STEM resources from NASA and our federal partners! 

January: The Importance of Earth Observation

February: Atmosphere, Aerosols, and Air Quality Solutions

March: Earth’s Water Resources

April: Earth Action

May: Biodiversity

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To preview the kind of opportunities and resources available to educators through Earthrise, please explore the activities below:

Earth Science Data Collections

Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign

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