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Norman Caisse

Public Affairs, U.S. Air Force

Norman W. Caisse was one of the early information specialists at Patrick Air Force Base who helped usher in the space age.

In addition to helping feed the hungry press corps information about the young rocket programs, Sgt. Caisse played a major role in the construction of the first press sites on Cape Canaveral used by the media, once they were allowed on the base. Through careful maintenance, refurbishment and upgrades by people like Dottie Ellingson, they are still in use today.

An honorary lifetime member of the Canaveral Press Club, the Air Force Sergeants Association and Information Alumni Association, he got his start in the service as a Marine during World War II. While serving in the Pacific he took part in several island assaults including the historic invasion of Guadalcanal.

When he returned home to Springfield, Mass., to his wife and high school sweetheart Shirley, he remained in the Marine Reserves and was called back to active duty for the Korean War. After completion of that tour, he joined the Air Force and was assigned to the public affairs office at Westover Air Force Base.

In 1959, he joined the Patrick Air Force Base public affairs office where he remained until his retirement. And although he retired in 1966, he continued on as a volunteer in Air Force public affairs for many years where he was active in both community relations and escorting news media.