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John Williams

Public Affairs, Lockheed Martin

John D. Williams joined Lockheed Martin Space Operations Company in 1982 just as the Space Shuttle Program was getting off the ground.

One of his first jobs was working with the company team in competing for and winning the $8 billion multi-year contract for processing the space shuttle orbiters for flight. The Lockheed contract, awarded in 1983, consolidated many of the tasks previously performed by multiple contractors and paved the way for even greater consolidation in 1996 under the United Space Alliance, founded by Lockheed and Rockwell.

As director of public affairs for Lockheed he was responsible for communications with the media and employees as well as governmental affairs. In his position, Williams was a familiar face at the press site where he assisted NASA Public Affairs and the media with information about the many events leading up to launch.

Williams was particularly interested in community affairs and served on the boards of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce, Keep Brevard Beautiful, Inc., Brevard Junior Achievement, Rollins College Advisory Group, Spacewalk of Fame, LaCita Country Club, Spacecoast Writers Guild and the United Way of Brevard.

Williams came to Lockheed after a distinguished career in the Air Force where he served as director of public affairs for the Military Airlift Command. While still in the military he earned a doctorate in communications research and psychology from the University of Texas. He also served tours of duty on the staffs of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Force. During his career he received 14 medals for outstanding achievement and heroism. He retired as a full colonel.

Following his retirement from Lockheed, he formed John Williams Communications, Inc., a public affairs consulting firm based in Titusville, Fla.