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Evelyn Vidal-Roles

Evelyn Vidal-Roles

Office Manager

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Evelyn Vidal-Roles is the office manager for the Space Technology Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. Previously, she served in this capacity for the Office of the Chief Technologist, the office she joined at its inception in February 2010 when Bobby Braun was announced as the NASA Chief Technologist. Vidal-Roles was offered the position to assist Dr. Braun in establishing the office, and since then, she has served as a technical expert advisor, providing strategic guidance across the organization.

Prior to joining OCT, Vidal-Roles served as the Management Analyst for the Exploration System Mission Directorate (ESMD). In this capacity, she maintained an overall view of the organizational structure and management of human resources, workforce, facilities, and resources needed for ESMD to accomplish its programmatic goals and objectives. 
In 1995, she went on a special assignment to work at the Executive Office of the President to support the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Vidal-Roles served as the advisor to the National Science and Technology Council, wherein she managed and executed a wide range of administrative duties for the Presidential Office’s science initiatives and programs. She coordinated and made recommendations for the Office’s response to proposed changes to the NSTC/PCAST procedures, planning and policy matters.

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