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Statements on Senate Confirmation of Margaret Vo Schaus as NASA CFO

NASA CFO Margaret Vo Schaus
NASA CFO Margaret Vo Schaus Credits: Department of Defense

The following are statements from Margaret Vo Schaus, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy on Friday’s U.S. Senate confirmation of Vo Schaus as NASA’s chief financial officer:

“It’s an honor to be confirmed by the Senate to serve as the chief financial officer at NASA and I am grateful for the opportunity to help carry on this agency’s great legacy both in space and here on Earth,” said Vo Schaus. “I look forward to working with Administrator Nelson and Deputy Administrator Melroy to oversee NASA’s budget to support the workforce and the groundbreaking missions ahead. The budget is not just about enabling us to explore the cosmos – it allows us to create educational opportunities, incredible jobs, and inspire the next generation of astronauts and scientists here on Earth, who continue to raise the standard for scientific excellence around the globe. As we continue to explore the universe, expand critical Earth science research to combat climate change, and maintain the world’s most talented workforce, I am fully committed to helping ensure the president and administrator’s vision is carried out here at NASA.”

“Margaret has demonstrated the ability to lead and manage operations at the Departments of Energy and Defense, and she will bring her expertise to do an outstanding job here at NASA,” said Nelson. “Sending the first woman and person of color to the Moon and preparing for human spaceflight to Mars requires steady management, coordination and planning, and that starts with managing the budget for all of NASA’s assets. Margaret will be integral to determining future missions and help turn program dreams into reality. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong commitment to supporting a diverse workforce, and I look forward to working with her on NASA’s budget as we look to the future.”

“The chief financial officer is vital to the success of NASA and its many missions, and Margaret will be paramount to ensuring the agency remains a responsible steward of public funding and trust,” said Melroy. “The complexity of the missions at hand from the Moon to Mars and beyond cannot be understated and Margaret has the many skills required of the job. As a first-generation Vietnamese American, she serves as an inspiration for women of color, immigrant communities, and the next generation of students pursuing their dreams. Margaret has shown exceptional skill and management through her already impressive resume and will undoubtedly ensure the success of NASA’s long-term missions and the agency as a whole.”

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