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NASA Invites Media to Arizona Simulated Artemis Moonwalking Site  

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins (right) takes a photo of NASA astronaut Andre Douglas (left) as he raises an American flag during a simulated moonwalk in a rock yard at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Credit: NASA/Josh Valcarcel

Media are invited to interact with the NASA team members practicing Artemis moonwalking operations Saturday, May 18, in the San Francisco Volcanic Fields near Flagstaff, Arizona. NASA’s in-person only event includes an opportunity to speak with subject matter experts and view various hardware stations.

The activities are the fifth in a series since April 2022 of simulated moonwalks for Artemis Generation astronauts and teams planning for future exploration of the lunar surface. The full training will take place Monday, May 13, through Monday, May 20, with NASA astronauts Kate Rubins and Andre Douglas serving as the crew.

There are four simulated moonwalks and six advanced technology runs scheduled for this set. The media day schedule includes (all times MST):

  • 2:30 p.m.: Arrival
  • 2:45 p.m.: Local overview news conference and demonstrations
  • 3:30 p.m.: Walk through stations and speak to subject matter experts

Reporters interested in attending must request accreditation by 5 p.m. CDT, Wednesday, May 15, by contacting Victoria Ugalde at 281-483-5111 or

Teams continue to evolve astronaut training, and crew will wear mockup spacesuits as they test hardware, capabilities, and technologies to conduct operations in a simulated lunar environment for the Artemis III mission and beyond.

Through Artemis, NASA will send astronauts – including the first woman, the first person of color, and the first international partner astronaut – to explore the Moon for scientific discovery, technology evolution, economic benefits, and to build the foundation for crewed missions to Mars. Mission simulations on Earth help prepare humans for the challenges of deep space exploration and journeying farther into the cosmos.

Learn more about NASA’s Artemis campaign:


Kathryn Hambleton
NASA Headquarters, Washington

Victoria Ugalde
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston



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May 09, 2024

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