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NASA’s vision and mission necessitate that its workforce is ready and able to lead the world in space exploration, scientific discovery, technology development, and managerial excellence.  NASA leadership has identified systems engineering as a critical core competency in enabling current and future mission success. While many NASA centers have hands-on systems engineering development programs that provide targeted development and systems engineering training locally, NASA identified the need for an advanced, agency-wide program that competitively selects high-potential system engineers. As a result, the agency established the Systems and Engineering Leadership Program (SELP).

NASA’s Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) has robust program/project management and engineering training programs within the Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership Knowledge Services (APPEL Knowledge Services). With over 60 in-depth courses and its commitment to engineering excellence APPEL Knowledge Services provides the alignment needed for employees to gain the technical training needed to successfully compete for SELP.

SELP provides systems engineers with an agency-wide perspective, hands-on systems engineering developmental assignments beyond what they can learn and experience at their home centers, advanced leadership skills development, and exposure to innovative government and industry-wide systems engineering concepts.

Since its inception, SELP has achieved a consistent 90 percent success rate of individuals transitioning into more complex and difficult positions upon returning to their organizations after completion of the program.

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