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Space Station Research and Technology Organization

View of the International Space Station (ISS) with Earth in the backdrop as seen from an approaching vehicle.

The Space Station Research & Technology web site is maintained by the International Space Station Research Integration Office. The office ensures statoin science, technology applications, business/economic development, research hardware integration, planning, and communications leadership at the highest level within the space station program. The office represents all research on the station, and provides recommendations to the Station Program Manager and to the Space Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, regarding research on station. This office also consolidates and communicates the research–from experimental design to results–that is operated on and derived from the space station. The International Space Station Research Integration Office is located at NASA/Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

As a researcher, you think “I’ve got an idea. Where do I start, who do I call, and how long will it take?” Please visit our Opportunities and Information for Researchers web page for helpful resources, or contact one of the following key personnel about questions in your particular area of interest related to space station research and technology:

ISS Program Chief Scientist, Jennifer Buchli, 281-483-2590; Meghan Everett, Ph.D., ISS Program Deputy Chief Scientist, 281-384-5356.
Ensures science leadership at the highest level within the ISS Program, representing all research and researchers on the space station. Provides independent scientific advice to the Program regarding NASA Research, ISS National Laboratory Research, International Research Collaboration and Scientific Communications.

ISS Research Integration Office, Ryan Prouty, Manager, 281-483-9122; Stephen McGrath, Deputy Manager, 281-483-4803.
Ensures integration of all research payloads for execution on the International Space Station. 

Natural Sciences Client Support Office, Kevin Hames, Manager, 281-483-8592.
Responsible for Biological and Physical Sciences; ISS National Laboratory Physical Sciences; ISS National Laboratory Life Sciences and Human Research; NASA Human Research; and International Partner Research Organization.

Applications Client Support Office, Jennifer Scott-Williams, Manager, 281-483-8100. Kristen Fortson, 281.244.2221.
Responsible for NASA Technology Demonstration; ISS National Laboratory Technology Demonstration; Science Mission Directorate Remote Sensing; ISS National Laboratory Remote Sensing; ISS National Laboratory STEM; and Commercial Users.

Business and Economic Development Office, Michael E. Read, Manager, 281-244-7656.
Responsible for ISS Commercial Use Policy Implementation; Demand Stimulation; Private Astronaut Missions; Budget Management; Commercial Portfolio Management/Contracting Officer Representation; and High Schools Uniting with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH).

Integration, Planning and Communications OfficeChristine Reichert, Manager, 281-244-7747.
Responsible for NASA Portfolio Priority Integration; Integrated Research Planning; International Partner Agreements Coordination; Integration Tools and Process; Technical Capabilities Champion (Visiting Vehicles, ISS, ground); Utilization Communications; Research Results Management; Science, Technology and Exploration (ST&E) Flow Management.

ISS Research Client Helpline: If you have additional questions that are not covered here, please call our helpline at 281-244-6187 or e-mail us at The phone is staffed during regular business hours, or messages may be issued after hours, and a representative will return the call on the next business day.