Space Station Assembly

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Soyuz Ascent/Orbital Insertion Timeline
The following times are approximate. All times are keyed to elapsed time from liftoff.

T- :00 Lift off
T+ 1:10 Booster velocity is 1640 ft/sec
T+ 1:58 Stage 1 (strap-on boosters) separation
T+ 2:00 Booster velocity is 4921 ft/sec
T+ 2:40 Escape tower and launch shroud jettison
T+ 4:58 Core booster separates at 105.65 statute miles
Third stage ignites
T+ 7:30 Velocity is 19,685 ft/sec
T+ 9:00 Third stage cut-off Soyuz separates
Antennas and solar panels deploy
Flight control switches to the Russian Mission Control Center, Korolev

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