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Haughton Mars Project (HMP)

HMP is part of a research facility located on the world’s largest uninhabited island, Devon Island.

Active Mission

This harsh climate mimics the environmental conditions on Mars and other planets. Devon Island’s barren terrain, freezing temperatures, isolation, and remoteness offer scientists and personnel unique research opportunities. Arctic day and night cycle and restricted communications capabilities offer fitting analogs for the challenges of a long-duration space flights.

Mission Type

Analog Mission


Devon Island, Canada

Mission Overview

  • Environment: Desert
  • Hazards Tested: Isolation

  • Research: In addition to communications, equipment testing, and vehicular and extra-vehicular operations, Devon Island is the site of the Exploration program, which aims to develop new technologies, strategies, and operational protocols to support the future exploration of the moon, Mars, and other planets.

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What Are Analog Missions?

Analog missions prepare us for near-term and future exploration to asteroids, Mars, and the Moon. Analogs play a significant role in problem solving for spaceflight research.

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