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Gemini I

Occurred 60 years ago

Gemini 1 was an uncrewed orbital test of the Titan 2 launch vehicle, the Gemini spacecraft structural integrity, and the launch vehicle-spacecraft compatibility. The test covered all phases through the orbital insertion phase. Other objectives were to check out launch vehicle-spacecraft launch heating conditions, launch vehicle performance, launch vehicle flight control system switch-over circuits, launch vehicle orbit insertion accuracy, and the malfunction detection system. This was the first production Gemini spacecraft and launch vehicle.

Mission Type

Uncrewed Test Flight

mission duration

4 hours, 50 minutes


April 8, 1964


April 8, 1964
Gemini/Titan-II taking off
S64-21560 (8 April 1964) — Gemini/Titan-II launch vehicle #1 liftoff at Cape Kennedy, Florida.
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