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Expedition 55 Insignia

Expedition 55

Occurred 6 years ago

The Expedition 55 crew studied how weightlessness affects bone marrow and blood cells and installed an incubator that generates artificial gravity for advanced space biology research. External hardware on the station was set up to observe severe thunderstorms and study how materials are affected by the harsh environment of space.

Mission Type

ISS Expedition

meet the crew

Richard Arnold, Oleg Artemyev, Drew Feustel, Norishige Kanai, Anton Shkaplerov, Scott Tingle


Dec. 17, 2017


June 3, 2018

Crew Members

Anton Shkaplerov, Commander
Richard Arnold, Flight Engineer
Oleg Artemyev, Flight Engineer
Andrew Feustel, Flight Engineer
Norishige Kanai, Flight Engineer
Scott Tingle, Flight Engineer

Crew and Cargo Missions

6/3/18 – Exp 54/55 Undock/Land
5/24/18 – Orbital ATK CRS-9 Capture
5/21/18 – Orbital ATK CRS-9 Launch
5/5/18 – SpaceX CRS-14 Release
4/4/18 – SpaceX CRS-14 Capture
4/2/18 – SpaceX CRS-14 Launch
3/28/18 – ISS Progress 68 Undock
3/23/18 – Exp 55/56 Dock
3/21/18 – Exp 55/56 Launch


Date: May 16, 2018
Duration: 6 hours, 31 minutes
Spacewalkers: Drew FeustelRicky Arnold

March 29, 2018
Duration: 6 hours, 10 minutes
Spacewalkers: Drew FeustelRicky Arnold