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Expedition 46 Official Crew Insignia

Expedition 46

Occurred 7 years ago

The Expedition 46 crew tested BEAM, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, tracked and identified the variety of microbes that live in the space station, while also studying protein crystals to inform the design of more potent, effective, and selective drugs.

Mission Type

ISS Expedition

meet the crew

Scott Kelly, Sergey Volkov, Mikhail Kornienko, Timothy Kora, Timothy Peake, Yuri Malenchenko


Dec. 15, 2015


June 18, 2016

Crew Members

Scott Kelly, Commander
Sergey Volkov, Flight Engineer
Mikhail Kornienko, Flight Engineer
Timothy Kopra, Flight Engineer
Timothy Peake, Flight Engineer
Yuri Malenchenko, Flight Engineer

Crew and Cargo Missions

3/1/16 – One-Year Crew Land
2/19/16 – Orbital ATK CRS-4 Release
12/23/15 – ISS Progress 62 Dock
12/21/15 – ISS Progress 62 Launch
12/15/15 – Expedition 46/47 Launch/Dock


Date: Feb. 3, 2016
Duration: 4 hours, 45 minutes
Spacewalkers: Yuri MalenchenkoSergey Volkov

Jan 15, 2016
Duration: 4 hours, 43 minutes
Spacewalkers: Tim KopraTim Peake

Dec. 21, 2015
Duration: 3 hours, 16 minutes
Spacewalkers: Scott KellyTim Kopra