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Expedition 43 Official Crew Insignia

Expedition 43

Occurred 8 years ago

The One-Year mission with crew members Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko began during Expedition 43. The crewmates studied space-caused head and eye pressure, established a biomedical database of crew health characteristics for doctors, and explored synthetic muscles for robots. New hardware was installed enabling space-based meteor observations.

Mission Type

ISS Expedition

meet the crew

Terry Virts, Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko, Gennady Padalka


Nov. 23, 2014


June 11, 2015

Crew Members

Terry Virts, Commander
Anton Shkaplerov, Flight Engineer
Samantha Cristoforetti, Flight Engineer
Scott Kelly, Flight Engineer
Mikhail Kornienko, Flight Engineer
Gennady Padalka, Flight Engineer

Crew and Cargo Missions

6/11/15 – Expedition 42/43 Land
5/21/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Splashdown
4/29/15 – ISS Progress 59 Anomaly
4/17/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Capture
4/14/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Launch
3/27/15 – Expedition 43/44 Launch

Visiting Vehicles

5/21/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Splashdown
4/29/15 – ISS Progress 59 Anomaly
4/17/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Capture
4/14/15 – SpaceX CRS-6 Launch