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Expedition 27 Insignia

Expedition 27

Occurred 13 years ago

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer was delivered and installed on the station to search for antimatter and dark matter and measure cosmic rays. Robonaut was also tested to demonstrate its ability to assist crews inside and outside the orbital outpost. The Expedition 27 and 28 crews also explored how space affects visual and mental perception and blood pressure and hormonal regulation.

Mission Type

ISS Expedition

meet the crew

Dmitry Kondratyev, Andrey Borisenko, Alexander Samokutyaev, Paolo Nespoli, Catherine Coleman, Ron Garan


Dec. 15, 2010


May 23, 2011

Crew Members

Dmitry Kondratyev, Commander
Andrey Borisenko, Flight Engineer
Alexander Samokutyaev, Flight Engineer
Paolo Nespoli, Flight Engineer
Catherine Coleman, Flight Engineer
Ronald Garan, Flight Engineer

Crew and Cargo Missions

5/23/11 – Expedition 26/27 Land
4/6/11 – Expedition 27/28 Dock
4/29/11 – ISS Progress 42 Dock
4/27/11 – ISS Progress 42 Launch
4/22/11 – ISS Progress 41 Undock
4/4/11 – Expedition 27/28 Launch
5/18/11 – STS-134 Dock
3/28/11 – HTV-2 Kounotori Release


Date: March 2, 2011
Duration: 6 hours, 14 minutes
Spacewalkers: Stephen BowenAlvin Drew

Feb 28, 2011
Duration: 6 hours, 34 minutes
Spacewalkers: Stephen BowenAlvin Drew