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With a site like MAF, it can be difficult to fully understand the breadth and depth of solutions that could be applicable to your business.  Although a tour is not required, it is highly recommended as a first step.

Business Tour:

Eric Shoemaker

With the new NASA Business Model, becoming a MAF tenant is easier than ever.

Define Your Requirements

Once you have done the due diligence of touring the facility and understanding the benefits or drawbacks to your business and product, we will help guide you through the simple process of making us a part of your family.

The first step will be for us to gather some important information such as the number of employees, the project’s start and end dates, square footage needs by type of space, IT requirements, etc.  Next, we will use the results of these questions as the basis for further discussions and for proposing potential solutions for your business expansion or relocation.

Initiate a Formal Request

Once the requirements and solutions are agreed upon, we will guide you through the NASA approval process to build the contractual agreement that makes sense for you in the time that you need it.  A draft agreement can be provided early in this process to allow you or your legal department to ensure that it meets your business’s criteria and provides you with the solutions you are seeking.